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Very odd and strange

This seems more like a brainwashing video from no language that exists on this planet than anything else. I agree that the whole Hitler Cola thing is a bit extreme, and the sound just seems out of place. It's hard to see what the message or that actual point is.

lol the merchant haunts me

This was just amazing! And Ashley has a very cute voice (I felt sorrt for her having a dagger in her head and just getting a slap =P ). It's strange how you can't just take the merchant's stuff after killing him, too! I'm sure many RE4 gamers have thought "If I hear him say Not Enough Cash one more time..."

Parody at its finest!

I'm not gonna spoil anything by typing up a quote from any of the scenes, or tips on where to find an easter egg (mainly because I haven't a snowball's chance in Hell of finding any by myself) - but seriously, if you're not a fan of true epic win, then this collab's not for you.

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I was so close to the end of Insane mode I could have spit on it! That space base is just too hard to defend on that mode! ^^;

Frustratingly fun!

This game is frustrating enough to get you mad at some of the bombs (particularly the "girls"), but fun enough to keep you coming back regardless. It does glitch sometimes, though, like sometimes every bomb will explode and then nothing happens after that, forcing you to give up and try again. A glitch on level 19 caused me to skip to level 20, but hey - I'm not complaining about that! ;-)

Pretty entertaining

It feels so liberating to be able to lay waste to that hideous sponge. I don't care how many of my friends will be angry at me for saying this, but the world needs more opportunities to kill that yellow freak!

Whaddayamean "it's not food"!? Just gimme some ketchup!

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